Cyber Security Challenge 2019
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The SANReN CSIRT is proud to announce that the Cyber Security Challenge for 2019 will once again be held in conjunction with the CHPC National Conference.

As an NREN, one of the challenges is to get students interested and exposed to NREN activities and the community. More Info


So, what can you expect?

Lots of coffee, little sleep and grueling hacking challenges over a period of three days.

Challenges That You Will Face...

Start training yourself to hack, crack, root, exploit and subvert your way to the top of the CTF ladder.

Challenges may include Web Hacking, Forensics, Cryptography, Binary Analsis, Password Cracking, Steganography, Reverse Engineering, Mobile Security, Not Getting Enough Sleep and Running out of Coffee. And to make matters worse, you may have to defend your own infrastructure against all the other pesky teams.

The Rules

Head over to this page to read the rules and register.

The Teams

The Journey

Ready     Register if you are interested in the open qualifiers
Set     Open qualifier round registrations closes September 2019
Go     The open qualifier round will take place somewhere in Q4 2019

Key Information

When: 1-5 December 2019
Where: Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre
Who: Undergraduate, Honours and Masters students interested in Information Security.
3 to 4 people in a team, a supervisor, and your Professor or Lecturer will have to vouch for you!
What: Steal, plunder and pillage computer resources (T's & C's apply)
Why: Because security matters


Are you interested in sponsoring the SANReN CSC?
   Please follow this link for the 2019 brochure.

NICIS - National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System
SANReN - South African National Research Network
CSIRT - Computer Security Incident Response Team
CHPC - Centre for High Performance Computing
DIRISA - Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa
CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Meraka - Meraka Institute
DPSS - Defence, Peace, Safety and Security
CCIW - Command, Control and Information Warfare
RU - Rhodes University
SNRG - Security and Networks Research Group